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30.5.2014 – sogar einen Orca ;)


Orcinus orca

Fatima sprach von Orcas und Haien, einen Orca habe ich gefunden auf den Fotos von heute (seltene Sichtung hier vor Madeira;), aber die Haie kann ich nicht finden (Fatima hat+s mir nun verraten wo, wirklich viele Haie, wer findet sie?). Auf den ersten Blick sah' ich aber glückliche Gästegesichter, Große Tümmler und Gemeine Delfine auf der Ribeira Brava am Morgen und Fleckendelfine und Gemeine Delfine auf der Stenella am Nachmittag.

Fatima talked about Orcas and sharks, and I found one Orca in the pictures (rarely sighted here in Madeira), but sharks I can't find in the pictures, can you help me? (In the meanwhile Fatima gave me a hint and I found lots of them). But looking at the pictures I saw lots of happy guests, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins with Ribeira Brava and with Stenella we saw spotted dolphins and common dolphins.

A Fátima falou de Orcas e tubarões, eu encontrei uma Orca nas fotografias (raramente avistadas pela Madeira) mas os tubarões não consegui encontrar, vocês conseguem? (Entretanto a Fatima deu me uma pista e eu encontrei muitos tubarões). Olhando para as fotografias vejo muitos clientes felizes, roazes e golfinhos comuns de manhã com o Ribeira Brava e golfinhos pintados e comuns com o Stenella a tarde.


Homo sapiens

DSC_6282 DSC_6270

Tursiops truncatus


Homo sapiens / Delphinus delphis

DSC_6312 DSC_6334 DSC_6303 DSC_6301

Delphinus delphis


Homo sapiens

DSC_6355 DSC_6351

Stenella frontalis


Homo sapiens


Calonectris diomedia borealis

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