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30.12.2016 – Wild Beauty

30.12.2016 – Wild Beauty

The ocean can be gentle, mild and like a mirror. It can be a cushy beauty! But sometimes the ocean is wild and hard and resembles a pure and brute elemental force. Today was a day we could not even think about bringing guests out in front of Calheta, because the wild beauty was acting. So we managed to do the last trips of the year in Port Moniz. Once again this day with all it has to divulge was casting a spell over us. Oli was the discoverer of the Portuguese Man of war, which are also wild beauties. Atlantic Spotted dolphins hoped and jumped from far away toward us just to swim the bet with us. During our last trip Pilot whales and Bottlenose dolphins were racing through the ocean like they were on the run. It was an adventurous day with lots of surprises! At the end thanks to Daniel our skipper the team came back to Calheta safely, even in spite of the fact that we had to travel through a very wild, wild beauty. Thank you very much for that! Thank you very much for this day!

by Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day:


10.00: Blainville Beaked whales, Atlantic Spotted dolphins
12.30: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins
16.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Pilot whales

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