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30.08.2016 – Head-to-head with a Spermwhale

30.08.2016 – Head-to-head with a Spermwhale

Today we had again fascinating moments at sea, amongst others a head-to-head (téte à téte) with the largest toothed whale of the planet, the spermwhale. It was a great experience being so close to this exemplar, which had a size of about 12-14 m. Our motor was turned off, so he risked to come close to our bow. We could have touched him. The animal sticked out his nose and blowhole, as he would like to check out the situation with his breathing. Could he maybe smell us? If at all this would be possible. Everyone on board was silent, due to this great moment between a marine creature and human beings. We were asking ourselves afterwards, what did the Sperm thought of? His brain is enormous and can weigh up to 7,8 kg.

Besides this, we saw today also Striped dolphins, far off the coast, moving fast. Unfortunately todays tour spectrum also included a trip without sighting.

by Astrid Haas

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava:

13.30: Spermwhales

17.00: Striped Dolphins


09.00: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins (Snorkeltrip)

12.00: Striped Dolphins and Spermwhales

15.30: no sighting

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