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Die letzte Fahrt für diesen Monat, weil wir für morgen alle Fahrten wegen starken West und Nordwestwindes absagen müssen. Heute hat wieder Fatima, unsere neue whale watching Führerin aus La Gomera, die Fahrten gemacht und auch die Fotos geschossen: Fleckendelfine von der Morgentour.

Stenella frontalis

Last trips for this month, because for tomorrow we have to cancel because of the too strong west and north-west wind. Today Fatima, our whale watching guide from La Gomera, made more trips and he photos are from her: atlantic spotted dolphins from the morning tour.

Stenella frontalis

As últimas viagens deste mês, porque para amanha temos de cancelar todas as viagens por causa do vento de oeste e noroeste. Hoje Fatima, a nossa guia de La Gomera, fiz as viagens e fui ela que tirou as fotos dos golfinhos pintados da viagem de manha.

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