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30.06.2017 – All hands on deck!

30.06.2017 – All hands on deck!

Today both the Ribeira Brava and the Stenella went out to sea in the morning. The conditions out on the ocean were abit rougher than in the last days, with higher waves and more wind. That, however, did not discourage our guests or our crew with everyone enthusiastic to see some animals. And what a variety of animals we were able to encounter today!

The first sighting for guests on the Ribeira Brava was a school of dolphins travel diving to feed. The group of mammals consisted of Atlantic spotted dolphins and individual Bottlenose dolphins swimming together. Although it is fairly normal for dolphins of different species to school and interact with one another, it is a rare occasion for us to encounter such a scenario during our trips. Later on the Ribeira Brava was surrounded by a large group of Atlantic spotted dolphins that delighted our guests by approaching the boat and leaping in the air as well as bow riding the larger waves coming towards us. Two smaller Loggerhead turtles were also seen floating at the water’s surface, wrapping up a beautiful tour on our old charming vessel.

The guests aboard the Stenella saw even more species that also included Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins as well as Common short-beaked dolphins and Sperm Whales! Awesome experiences today with very nice guests!

by Paula Thake

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava

9:00: Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphin, Loggerhead sea turtles


9:00: Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphin, Sperm whales, Common dolphin

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  1. Karen
    July 16, 2017

    If you ask Daniel nicely , he might make you my lemon drizzle cake !!!! 😃😄😀
    Thank you for a great trip , my guests had a fantastic morning .


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