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Stenella frontalis / Calonectris diomedia borealis

Morgens waren Stenella und Riebeira Brava auf dem Meer und sahen Tümmler und Fleckendelfine, nachmittags, auch beide Boote unterwegs zu leicht versetzten Zeiten, sahen wir Fleckendelfine, mittags eine Fahrt mit der Ribeira Brava zum Tanken nach Funchal, was Zeit von 12 bis kurz vor 17 Uhr beansprucht.

Tursiops truncatus

In the morning Stenella and Riebeira Brava have been out and we saw bottlenose dolphins and atlantic spotted dolphins, in the afternoon, as well with both boats but in different times, we saw atlantic spotted dolphins. From 12 till 5 pm we went to Funchal to put petrol with the Ribeira Brava.

Stenella frontalis

De manha tanto a Stenella como a Ribeira Brava estavam no mar observando roazes e golfinhos pintados, a tarde também ambas as embarcações estava fora mas em horários diferentes, ambos viram golfinhos pintados. Das 12 as 17 a Ribeira Brava teve no Funchal para abastecer.

Tursiops truncatus

Stenella frontalis

Calonectris diomedia borealis

Stenella frontalis

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  1. Joan Clinch
    August 30, 2012

    A wonderful morning with you!! Unforgetable
    Joan Clinch


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