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29.10.2015 – 1, 2, 3, WONDER!

29.10.2015 – 1, 2, 3, WONDER!

What a WONDERful trip did we have this afternoon with our boat Stenella. First we went out to a school of Atlantic Spotted dolphins (1). Our little summer friends! Who knows how long they will stay? Then we got the call from our spotters: SPERM whales (2). A huge school with 9-10 animals which travelled slowly, but also other behavior was observed, like syphoping, some animals turned to their sides and we saw  mother with her calf. But when the Pilot whales (3) arrived they were gone. What a wonderful nature experience!

by Fatima Kutzschbach 

Todays sightings:


10.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins

15.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Sperm whales, Pilot whales

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