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29.09.2018 – Bedroom eyes

29.09.2018 – Bedroom eyes

Who does not know this look through half-closed eyelids, the so-called bedroom view. If we have a morning tour, we see this view in the morning in the mirror or even with our guests 😉 Even with the marine mammals this can be observed. An explanation for this could be that the dolphin’s eyelids take on the role of a blind. The eye opens wide in low light, while it continues to close in bright light.

When dolphins sleep, their eyes are completely closed. When the right half of the brain is at rest, the left eye closes, and at left brain activity the right eye closes.

Today, there were beautiful sightings in the morning with Atlantic Spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis), a group of Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus), Pilot whales (Globicephala macrorhynchus) and super satisfied guests (Homo sapiens). Everything was peaceful, everything was impressive! Once again we were absolutely gifted! Thank you, nature!

By Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day

Ribeira Brava

15:00 Pilot whales, Loggerhead sea turtle


12:00 Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Sperm whales, Pilot whales

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