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29.09.2015 – Charming Spotted dolphins

29.09.2015 – Charming Spotted dolphins

Astrid’s impressions: Today the Atlantic spotted dolphins kept us in suspense. On both our Ribeira Brava trips, we first of all had to practice patience and positive thinking, that in the end our patience will be rewarded. So we spent more than an hour waiting and searching until we finally met the „Spottis“ (Atlantic spotted dolphins) and could observe them close to the boat. Today, they were relaxed and rather clam, displaying us how they contact each others and were socializing. During all observations, they had their offsprings with them. What a great gift of mother nature being able to approach these wild and trustingly (both together) animals so close. Thanks a lot you pretty ones.

Claudia’s mini-impression: The guests from Belgium on board Stenella today have to be mentioned due to their creativity. Not everybody has such an interesting GoPro stick 😉

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava:

10.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins

17.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins


15.30: Atlantic spotted dolphins

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