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Like old school sailors we keep our daily trip journals & reports, feeding our blog on a daily basis with the best selection of photos and stories to tell, registering everything. Check out the amazing stories and photos we collect every day...


Caretta caretta / Pollicipes pollicipes

Falsche Karettschildkröte mit Entenmuscheln am Hinterteil, Rest der Bilder wird nachgeliefert: Cuvier Schnabelwale und Fleckendelfine (copyright Fatima Kutzschbach)

Ziphius cavirostris

Loggerhead turtle with goose barnacles on their bump, rest of the photos will be posted later: atlantic spotted dolphins and Cuvier’s beaked whales (copyright Fatima Kutzschbach)

Stenella frontalis

Tartaruga boba com mexilhão na traseira, rest das fotografias mais tarde aqui: golfinhos pintados e Zifios (copyright Fatima Kutzschbach)

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