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29.05.2018 – Vikings are seeing blue

29.05.2018 – Vikings are seeing blue

In the old days they traveled on the world oceans. They were wild and fearless and liked to fight to conquer new land: THE VIKINGS!! Even in our century it is quite possible to come across them. And believe me they still fight wild and fearless and conquer this or that … so it happened today. A group of Wikinger-Reisen (Viking-Travels) honored our boat and after two beautiful sightings with Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) and Atlantic Spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis), they fought wild and fearless for the ocean and ready for action as they were the conquered my heart in storm!

Turtle Island Restauration Island appealed to the #wearblue4oceans action to lobby and address the impact of driftnet fishing on all the inhabitants of the ocean. Supporter of this action were asked to wear something blue, to take a photo and to share it with a hashtag.

By chance some of the Vikings were wearing blue jackets and shirt’s, a very good condition for an action picture! Our Vikings were in full activity! A cleverly Viking got the idea to pull his blue jacket out of this backpack and to lend it to another group member, others followed this example and soon … just check it out by yourself on our pictures … 🙂 Together we campaigned – together we supported the peaceful fight for a blue ocean free from drift nets! Dearest Vikings, you are part of an action which is suppose to protect life in our deep blue! Great group – BIGGEST THANK YOU!!!

Surely we will give you some information to drift nets as well. A resolution of the United Nations (UN) in 1992 prohibited drift nets worldwide for high sea fishery. In 2002 the European Union has banned drift nets in their waters. But still exceptions are made. Drift nets called as well “wall of the death” are made of a very fine, clear and very tear-resistant plastic fiber. On the surface of the water they are attached on buoys, on the lower side of the net balancing weights are holding them straight.

These nets can be put in different depths and mostly only after days they are hauled in. Meanwhile they drift with the current and catch everything crossing their way. Fish of any kind; sea birds; sea turtles; sharks and marine mammals are caught in their claws. Although transmitters are attached on these drift nets to determine their position, several of them are getting lost. These so-called ghost nets are traveling for many years on a deadly mission through the ocean and ending the life of countless animals.

By Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day

Ribeira Brava

10:00 Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic Spotted dolphins

14:30 Atlantic Spotted dolphins

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