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28.12.2016 – Logbook entry: A departure from new shores

28.12.2016 – Logbook entry: A departure from new shores

Logbook entry of Stenella from Lobosonda. Your Guide Fatima is speaking: A stormy day and absolutely no chance to go on search for marine mammals in front of Calheta!

But thanks to the flexibility of our guests we departed for new shores and had a fantastic day from Port Moniz! Early morning Stenella, still without guests, departed from our native port of Calheta to travel north. During our first trip we got surprised by Rough-Toothed dolphins and they showed up in typical manner, very cozy! Happy guests after this trip!

(1) Actually we expected to see them again during our second trip, but it came differently. Instead we encountered: Common dolphins, a Sperm whale, Pilot whales and Atlantic Spotted dolphins. Who’d have thought that! Such a richness out there! Happy guests after this trip!

(2) The third trip was dolphinlastic (a word creation from Marlene). The guests enjoyed Atlantic Spotted dolphins and beautiful Common dolphins surfing in the waves. Happy guests after this trip!

(3) Summary of the day: genial, fantastic, amazing, brilliant, exceptional, unique, different. At the end of the day Daniel our skipper brought Stenella through wind and waves safely back to Calheta. Thank you!

by Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day:


10.00: Rough-Toothed dolphins
12.30: Common dolphins, Sperm whale, Pilot whales, Atlantic Spotted dolphins
15.30: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Common dolphins

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