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28.11.2017 – Spotter´s work of art – Marine animals collection

28.11.2017 – Spotter´s work of art – Marine animals collection

If you read our blog from yesterday, then you will know that Carlos does not rest in between tours, he turns himself into a street artist. On some of his main lookouts above the Ocean, he eternised himself with gorgeous paintings which he draw on stones and street borders. There are a big variety of different marine animals, originated from his hands: a spermwhale, dolphins, sea turtles, jellyfish and most important: a mermaid.

So the spotter work can be also in this sense, a creative and productive one. Some day, hopefully not, all stones might be painted, so how will this career go on then? Maybe Carlos will bring some canvas and continue painting like this? Then it will be time for a first exhibition of the spotter work of art. Maybe an open air exposition up there high above the ocean.

by Astrid Haas

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