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28.10.2015 – Rare guests on their journey through

28.10.2015 – Rare guests on their journey through

Good start in the day this morning. The Atlantic moved us in his long and big waves and offered us quickly his treasures. Very soon we were able to spot the typical dorsal fins of the pilot whales. In the little school there were also a few bottlenose dolphins, which could be easily overlooked. The mixed school was travel-diving to the east. Very short time after this, our spotters lead us to some rare guests further out off the coast of Jardim do Mar. Their high dorsal fins and the brighter bodycolour, together with their round heads, makes the Risso`s dolphins distinctive from other species. This animals are rare to see close to the coast and prefer offshore and deeper waters.

By Astrid Haas

Todays sightings:


10.00: Pilotwhales; Bottlenose dolphins; Risso`s dolphin

15.00: Pilotwhales


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