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28.08.2019 – In a tight spot

28.08.2019 – In a tight spot

There are a lot of wonderful things out on the ocean, it’s a beautiful place and we like to keep it this way. So, if we run in to anything out there that doesn’t seem to belong there, for example plastic, we clean it up if we can. Ugly as this ocean pollution is , it does teach us something about the vast open are that is the ocean. Anything in the water collects life, beginning with some little algae then shellfish or a crab, maybe even some fish, old see trash can be quite lively. And today we found a white plastic container with a triggerfish (Balistes capriscus) swimming under it. And as we got closer, the fish managed to get stuck in the container. But a quick handy rescue operation by our skipper Daniel, saw the little guy free and safe in the water.

But interesting as this is, we are, of course, a cetacean safari not a fish safari. And today, the star of the show was the Atlantic spotted dolphin (Stenella Frontalis), our faith-full friends, always eager to give a little show, hang out by the boat and enjoying the waves we make. As far as dolphin watching goes, these guys are more than we could ask for, very present this year and very inquisitive towards our boats and the guests.

There was another appearance today, when a sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) came by, enjoying the bring sunny waves before diving down into the deep dark waters for his favourite snack, squid. Timing is very important when watching sperm-whales, because these impressive giants can dive down for 2 hours if they want. But when we time it just right, we see that impressive fluke wave, as he slides down under and goes on the hunt.

By Scott Dorssers

Sightings of the day

Ribeira Brava

13:30 Atlantic spotted dolphin

17:00 Atlantic spotted dolphin


09:00 Atlantic spotted dolphin

12:00 Atlantic spotted dolphin, Sperm whale

18:00 Atlantic spotted dolphin

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