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28.08.2017 – 10 days – 10 species

28.08.2017 – 10 days – 10 species

On three trips today we had them with us. I don’t speak about marine mammals but of our special summer guests. Each year they arrive on scedule in August. Visiting Madeira and taking their favorite seats on board. Silvana and Jaqueline are Swiss. So there is not much chance of observing marine mammals in their beautiful country. The two have – as my colleague Fatima express it – a high concentration of Endolphine (=Endorphine and Dolphin), in their blood.

Most often they like to sit with their legs hanging overboard, their view is focused on the horizont. What are we going to do now without your great company?? Without your curious attention, your well trained eyes, which often spot animals before others do. We will miss your laughing, your positivity, your enthusiasm. Again this year you only saw Madeira from the sea perspective. Excursions, visiting the island, you don’t have time – this is your answer. You are 100 % dedicated to the ocean and the marine mammals.

Over many years now joining us you became a part of Lobosonda, which we don’t want to loose anymore. This summers “harvest” on board was not to bad: 10 species in 10 days. Among others, you had a wonderful sighting of two beaked whales swimming close around our boat. Another time you were lucky with a rare sighting of Rissos dolphins. And of course you enjoyed several snorkeling trips with Atlantic spotted dolphins close by.

We sent you a sincere Gruezi and remind you to get organised for your next holiday scedule. One year passes quickly. In the name of the whole Lobosonda team: we are looking forward seeing you in 2018.

by Astrid Haas

Sightings of the day:


09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins (Snorkeltrip)

15.30: Atlantic spotted dolphins

18.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins and Striped dolphins

Ribeira Brava

09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins

13.30: Pilotwhales


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