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28.07.2017 – Joy and harm

28.07.2017 – Joy and harm

Our guests on the Stenella snorkeling trip had a great start in a estival day. Being able to observe atlantic spotted dolphins under water and from close is an absolute highlight, which can remain for a long time in ones memory. In their daily life, only a few people are blessed to experience that. The following tours of today were not so multi various than yesterdays ones. Today it was explicit atlantic spotted dolphin day.

On our noon tour we found, besides the spotted dolphins, unfortunately also a very sad surprise. As we often do (acting as a kind of marine garbage removal), we were taking a big plastic bag out of the water. And found stuck on this, the remainings of a dead Loggerhead sea-turtle. It seemed, that she swallowed some of the plastic, or / and got tangled up in it.

A dead animal itself is already such a miserable experience and difficult to look at. If then you realize further, that it losts its prescious life only because of the human throw away society, than its especially depressing. The dead seaturtle will now be further examinated by experts. They can find out the sex of the animal, the age and other parameters. Wordwide, there are 7 species of marine turtles and all are threatend by extinction (Red List for threatened animals)

by Astrid Haas

Todays Sightings:


09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins (Snorkeling trip)

12.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins, flying fish

15.30: Atlantic spotted dolphins

Ribeira Brava

13.30: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Loggerhead sea turtle

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