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28.01.2017 – Whale day

28.01.2017 – Whale day

Today was definitely a whale day. After a short ride we had contact to the first little group of Pilot whales, after a while we left them and found a bigger group of Pilot whales. This pod was traveling at a good pace and we kept them company for a while, but then our spotter contacted us with the information that he had seen a blow in front of Paul do Mar.

So off we went, with our rib “Stenella” we could reach the position where the blow was spotted very quickly. And there they where: 2, probably 3 friendly Finn whales. They where very close to the boat giving us a glimpse of how big they are. These kind of whale is the 2nd biggest animal on earth, if you put an African Elephant next to one of this whales it could be mistaken for an aunt 😉

All our guests could only be very happy after this trip, just as much as we where.

by Oliver Hoppe

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10.oo: Pilot whales, Finn whales

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