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27.6.2014 – WILD & FREE

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 23.08.54

Stenella frontalis

So und nur so sollten wir sie sehen: frei in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung. Morgens gab es Gemeine Delfine und Fleckendelfine, am Nachmittag “nur” Fleckendelfine. Heute waren sie am Fressen, am sozialisieren und teilweise voller “power”, sprungfreudig und elegant. Wir von Lobosonda sind total gegen Delfinarien und werden alles dafür tun, dass so ein Gefängnis hier auf Madeira nicht gebaut werden soll. Wer sich uns anschliessen möchte, hier sind Protestseiten auf facebook und eine online Petition

And this is how it schould look like if you want to observe this beautiful creatures: free and in their natural enviorment. In the morning we saw common dolphins and spotted dolphins, in the afternoon “only” spotted dolphins. Today they where feeding, socializing and full of “power”, jumping around full of their natural elegancy. We from Lobosonda are totaly against dolphinariums and we will do anything in our reach to prevent the building of this prision in Madeira. If you want to join us here is the facebook page from the protest and you can also sign the online Petition

E é assim que deve ser feita a observação destes lindíssimos animais: em liberdade no seu meio natural. Hoje de manhã vimos golfinhos comuns e pintados e a tarde “apenas” os golfinhos pintados. Hoje estavam em alimentação, a socializar e cheios de energia nos seus saltos elegantes. Nos da Lobosonda somos totalmente contra a construção de um delfinário aqui na Madeira. Se se quiserem juntar e ajudar nesta causa vão a página do facebook e assinem a Petição

DSC_6695-1 (1)

Stenella frontalis / Homo sapiens

DSC_8700 DSC_8698

Delphinus delphis

DSC_8760 DSC_8711 DSC_8679 DSC_8781

Stenella frontalis

DSC_8707 DSC_8734 DSC_6655-1 (1)

Stenella frontalis / Homo sapiens

DSC_8759 DSC_8686

Stenella frontalis

DSC_6711-1 (1)

Calonectris diomedia borealis


Homo sapiens


Homo sapiens / Stenella frontalis

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