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27.11.2019 – Dolphin sports

27.11.2019 – Dolphin sports

Patience, patience, that’s how our sighting of the Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis) started today. But our captain approached this dolphin school with sensitivity and a lot of time, and this, as always, proved to be the best strategy. Because suddenly more and more animals came and they showed us with all their physical strength what they are capable of. Demonstrated was the discipline that was certainly invented by the dolphins: surfing! Who else should have developed this fine art? But also category of high jumps was shown in the best perfection. We were also allowed to watch artistic leaps with interesting turns. Of course there were bow wave riding! Otherwise, it would not be true Spotted dolphins! And what was still on the agenda? Yes, exactly, synchronized swimming! So many disciplines of the dolphin Olympiad!

And who was on board with me during the last time, knows what’s coming now … at this point, of course, I ask you to support the boycott against Tokyo 2020. Because sport should be sporty and fair, in a country acting fair! Japan cannot adorn this glory and should first stop its shocking actions (Taijis slaughter – commercial whaling – Fukushima) before money and fame can flow into the country. So please be part of the boycott! Put a sign with your own actions (like not following the olympic games)!


By Fatima Kutzschbach

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Ribeira Brava

10:00 Atlantic spotted dolphins


09:30 Atlantic spotted dolphins (snorkeling)

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