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27.10.2015 – Offstage

27.10.2015 – Offstage

Today we couldn’t find anything out on the ocean. No whales or dolphins far and wide in sign. This is a reason to tell you a bit what’s happening offstage. The work starts before the boats are leaving the harbor and our spotters are in position to observe the ocean. Supreme concentration and a lot of experience are necessary. Thanks to our spotters we often know in which direction we have to go to see animals. But not every time they found something at this point. In this case the captain and spotters discuss the new strategy. First place of observations is mostly above our marina, which is an area where our boats can reach a sighting quickly. But what is happening if there is nothing to find? In this case the spotters have to change their side. They inform the boats so they can react quickly and change direction, so no time is lost. As soon as the spotters reached the new place they have to establish binoculars and again highest concentration is demanded, often with success but not always. On days like today they need to keep focus until the very last minute. This is top-performing in terms of concentration! And we also say Thank you to your very nice guests.

By Fatima Kutzschbach

No sightings for today


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