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27.09.2017 – Let yourself be surprised

27.09.2017 – Let yourself be surprised

If I give my little introduction to our guests, I mention as well, how good it is that we can’t control nature and the animals and for that reason everything what happens out there, every encounter, all interactions are a gift of free will to us. So the best attitude to go on board, is to just enjoy what’s going to happen, whatever is. Almost like in everyday life. 

Today on our afternoon trip, one of our guests formulated the situation perfectly: stimulus satiation, total stimulus satiation, but the finest! All our guests were totally fine and happy with it. The trip started with beautiful but shy Striped dolphins. On our way to Sperm whales we met two Tropical whales, mother and calf and in the area of the biggest toothed whales we had as well Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins and in a distance more Baleen whales passed by.

It was quite a difficult decision where to look first. The ocean was like a mirror and the atmosphere filled with excitement and marvel! The whales were in resting mode, their breathing clear to hear. Some turned to their side, lifting the fluke softly; heads were lifted out of the water. Such a blessing, we (humans) are just a small piece of a bigger puzzle and we are able to peek into the life of these animals. 

Daniel, our skipper fished a piece of Sperm whale skin out of the ocean. The fine pores were good visible on the thin layer of the huge giants. Marine Mammals change their skin quite often to assure less frictional resistance while swimming. How perfect nature function! Unbelievable to imagine that in a depth of 1000m, the pressure on the body of the animal, of the surrounding water is 100 times more as the air pressure on the surface. This means a pressure of 100kg on one square centimeter skin!!

The evening trip was as well beautiful. We met again the wonderful Tropical whales which swam through a calm ocean and we examined a little cuttlefish with his tiny suction cups.

Let yourself be surprised with us and in your daily life, again and again! 

by Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day

Ribeira Brava

17.00: Tropical whales


09.00: Sei whales, Bottlenose dolphins

15.30: Striped dolphins, Tropical whales, Sperm whales, Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins

18.00: Tropical whales

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