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27.09.2015 – Spotter spotting Atlantic Spotted dolphins

27.09.2015 – Spotter spotting Atlantic Spotted dolphins

Astrid’s impressions: Right after leaving the marina our spotter phoned us with good news: Dolphins ahead. And here they were, near to shore. A big school of Atlantic spotted dolphins, spread out wide, forming small subgroups of animals. Some of them keen bow-riders, also perfoming jumps close to Ribeira Brava. One other group was a “kindergarden”, females with their calves. In the past we already reported about the “babyboom” of the Atlantic spotted dolphins.

After another call from Belmiro, our spotter, we went further out in order to find some beaked whales, which he found for us. Two animals showed us very briefly their brownish backs, before diving. Only 2 of our guests managed to see them for a short moment.

Fatima’s short impression: SPERM WHALE Ahoi! This was our slogan this afternoon. We heard lots of „Ah`s“ and „Oh`s“ and that`s what we love to hear.

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava:




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