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27.06.2016 – Impact

27.06.2016 – Impact

We love what we do as every guest might observe and we love when people ask questions showing their interest on ocean affairs. One question on the Stenella tour today was: “Does the boats have negative impact on the cetaceans”? And to be honest we have to admit that boats doesn’t belong to their natural environment. Boats make noise, boats take their fish, etc. Therefore there are rules and laws to be respected: time limits, distance limits, speed limits and limits of the number of boats in observation. Our crew on-board together with the spotter on land works out what species and how to approach or how long to stay, to keep the impact minimum. On the other hand our “whale watching work” can create awareness of all ocean affairs, which hopefully has a positive impact.  

by Claudia Gomes

Today’s sightings:

Ribeira Brava

13.30: Atlantic Spotted dolphins

17.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins


15.30: Atlantic Spotted dolphins

18.00: Common dolphins, Atlantic Spotted dolphins

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