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26.10.2015 – Mysterious Marine Mammal: nearby but still invisible

26.10.2015 – Mysterious Marine Mammal: nearby but still invisible

Some times situations devolps very different and rather unexpected. Like it happen this morning. We were quite sure, that we would be able to observe a marine mammal very soon. Because already before our tour started, various people (f.e. Fatima) could see from shore a “blow” near the coast in front of Calheta. According to this, we hurried up to go out to the forecast place. Meanwhile, also our spotter saw the animal several times (even jumping) and kept our skipper up to date with information. Everybody on board was very curious and waiting for the announced sighting. But no whale and no dolphins showed up. It was strange and mysterious, during the whole time of the trip, the animal couldn’t be spotted again. We hope a lot that it was not a sick animal, which came close to shore in order to find shelter there. As a precaution, we will keep on watching carefully this part of the coastline within the next days.

By Astrid Haas

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10.00: no sighting


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