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26.09.2017 – Rare guests travelling through

26.09.2017 –	Rare guests travelling through

Today we were very lucky and had – besides the other three species – again rare guests to observe. We have not seen for quite a while, Risso’s dolphins!!

Those remarkable animals with a high dorsal fin, have a round head, without prominent beak (in contrary to most of the other dolphin species). Risso’s body coloration is grey to light grey. Older animals are “whitish” at their heads and prosomas. On their backs they often show scars and notches, probably resulting from fights with conspecies and also with squids, their favourite prey.

Those very individual scar-patterns can be used to identify single animals. Risso’s dolphins are cosmopolitan and not well investigated. No wonder, since they prefer rather deep sea areas of the high sea. But also passing by at oceanic islands.

Also the Pilot whales which we admired on the evening tour have a ballshaped head without a beak. Their latin name describes this very well “black ballhead”.

The Striped dolphins were fast runners, as usual. So they kept the distance and were always ahead of us. Instead we managed to take close looks at baleenwhales (Tropical Whale).

by Astrid Haas

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava

13.30: Striped Dolphins and Tropical Whales


15.30: Tropical Whales, Striped Dolphins, Risso’s Dolphins and a seaturtle

18.00: Pilotwhales


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