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26.09.2015 – THE HEART

26.09.2015 – THE HEART

Fatima’s impressions: The heart might be touched from many different things. There are very manifold ways of love. For example at work, when joy and enthusiasm is still there after so many years, it’s not getting less exciting. I wish everybody could see these animals with my own eyes. In this case cruelty like in Taiji/Japan, Faroe Islands etc. could never happen. In this case these animals would never be captured. They would live a life they are supposed to life: born to be free and wild, just as we experienced COMMON DOLPHINS and ATLANTIC SPOTTED DOLPHINS in all their beauty and perfection today. What an amazing sighting! My heart feels absolutely fulfilled today. And I am sure our guest felt the same way and respect for life, for nature, for these animals arises. Please support following petitions: Taiji/Japan, Faroe Islands/Pilot whales, no dolphiaria on Madeira. Thank you very much!

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