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26.07.2016 – Dolphins ahead

26.07.2016 – Dolphins ahead

On all six tours we had dolphins today. We saw Bottlenose and Atlantic Spotted dolphins. Thats like winning a “six-right number-combination” in Lotto. Precious moments, showing us the plentifulness of the marine life. Also for me, it was a great, a special day, since it was my first day at work in the summer season 2016. Good to be back on sea and in the Lobosonda Team.

Besides all this joy, we also became witness of a sad marine reality. During the Ribeira Brava evening trip, we found a corded up “packet” of Coryshearwater birds, drifting helpless on the surface. They were entangled and fixed in a mess of nylon fishing-lines. Taken on board, our captain, Senhor Luis, took a while, until he managed to cut free the only surving bird. For the other two of this magnificent Shearwaters, our help came to late.

Garbage in the oceans became like a pest of modern times and causes unlimited suffering in the marine ecosystem.

Lets work even harder in our daily life to avoid unnecessary garbage and lets make sure to dispose it in right way.

by Astrid Haas

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava:

13.30: Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

17.00: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins


09.00: Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

12.00: Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

15.30: Bottlenose Dolphins

18.00: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

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