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26.07.17- Stenellas for our Stenella

26.07.17- Stenellas for our Stenella

Our speedboat embarked on two afternoon tours today and on both tours we encountered the dolphin species after which our vessel is named; the Stenella frontalis, commonly known as the Atlantic spotted dolphin. During the afternoon tour, the conditions were rather windy and it was difficult to spot animals out on the ocean. The team eventually tracked a small group of spotted dolphins and two juveniles swam up to us and spent at least 20 minutes leaping near the boat. The guests aboard on the later tour on the Stenella were a bit luckier regarding the size of the group of animals, with several of them approaching the boat allowing our guests (and me) to make some lovely photos. This time we also had the older animals advancing towards the boat, showing off their spotted flanks near the water`s surface. It`s always rewarding to encounter these dolphins and their friendly, interactive nature reflects why it is so wrong to stick these animals into an enclosure at dolphinariums for our personal pleasure. Why force an interaction with such an intelligent, curious animal at the expense of its well-being? It is an absolute delight to see them in their natural habitat actively making the choices they should have the freedom to make and I`m sure today`s guests can confirm this.

by Paula Thake

Todays Sightings:

Ribeira Brava

09:00 Bottlenose dolphins

17:00 No sighting


15:30 Atlantic spotted dolphins

18:00 Atlantic spotted dolphins


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