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26.05.2017 – Morning Pilotwhales

26.05.2017 – Morning Pilotwhales

Further out, off the coast of Madalena do Mar, we found a big school of pilot whales with their calves on our morning tour. They were heading west and tolerated us observing them from near by. Pilot whales live in stable social groups and are very attached to each other. For example, if a mother is diving down for hunting, another female takes care of the calf, staying with them at the surface (Babysitting each others calves). Pilot whale schools are lead by a female. With their round headshape, dark body colour and a big dorsal fin, they are easy to determine.
Our guests on the afternoon trip remained, unfortunately, without sighting. Eventhough we tried hard to spot animals, we were not successfull. Dear guests, thank you so much again for your patience and for not loosing your humor.

von Astrid Haas

Sightings of the day:

10.00: Pilotwhales

Ribeira Brava
14.30: no sighting of marine mammals

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