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Nachdem wir gestern nur Seevögel (Weißgesicht-Sturmschwalben, Bulwert Sturmvögel und Madeira Wellenläufer) sahen, waren wir heute mit der großen Schule Fleckendelfine sehr zufrieden. Viele gefleckte, also erwachsene, Tiere kamen nah ans Boot und schwammen in der Bugwelle. Je mehr Flecken sie haben umso älter sind die Tiere.

Stenella frontalis

After the trip yesterday where we only spotted seabirds (white-faced Storm petrels, bulwert’s petrels, madeirian storm-petrels), we’ve been happy about the big pod of atlantic spotted dolphins. Lots of adult animals full of spots came into the bow and had fun with our vessel. As more spots they have as older they are.

Stenella frontalis

Depois da viagem ontem só com aves marinhas (calcamars, almas negras e roque de castros), hoje ficamos contentes com o grupo grande de golfinhos pintados. Um grupo com muitos adultos que chegavam se a proa para acompanhar o nosso barco. Mais pintas eles têm mais idade tem o animal.

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