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25.5.2017 Whitecaps and sea-turtles

25.5.2017 Whitecaps and sea-turtles

Our objective, observing marine mammals was not successful today, unfortunatelly. We tried hard but even our spotter from land couldn’t help us today. So, nature decided differently and we had to be satisfied with the sighting of two Loggerhead marine turtles, drifting at the surface. Fortunately they were not afraid of us and we could observe them for quite a while. Caretta caretta is listed (same with the other 6 species of marine turtles) on the Red List of endangered animals. Most of the individuals we see here are coming from the US or caribbean coasts, travelling as marine “hitch-hikers” with the currents. They drift at the surface in order to heat up in the sun and getting their body circulation stimulated. Reptiles are poikilothermal, meaning that they cannot keep their body temperature at certain degree.

by Astrid Haas

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Ribeira Brava

10.00: Loggerhead sea turtles; no sighting of marine mammals

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