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25.1.2014 – DA


Delphinus delphis

Heute lag ich mit verstimmtem Magen flach und auf dem Meer waren Filipe und Daniel, daher auf diesem Wege meinen herzlichen Glückwunsch an das heutige Geburtstagskind. Das Geschenk, die gemeinen Define, haben etwas auf sich warten lassen aber dann waren sie DA. Fotos heute alle von Daniel.

Today I was feeling really sick so Daniel and Filipe wenn out on the sea, thats why I didn't have the chance to wish a Happy Birthday to our birthday guest! The presente where the common dolphins that we saw, it was difficult but eventually we had a nice time with them. Todays pictures where taken from Daniel.

Hoje estive doente, então o Daniel assumiu o papel de guia e o Filipe skipper. Por isso mesmo não tive a oportunidade de dar os Parabéns a uma cliente que escolheu esta viagem especialmente para a ocasião, a prenda foram os golfinhos comuns. As fotos de hoje foram todas tiradas pelo Daniel.


Homo sapiens


Delphinus delphis

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