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25.09.2015 – Wild West – Hunting dolphins

25.09.2015 – Wild West – Hunting dolphins

Astrid’s impressions: On our afternoon trip with Stenella, the common dolphins were very energetic and demonstrated power. With high jumps and speed, they were chasing their prey. Our spotter Belimiro found them for us, far out off the western coast in front of Paul-do-Mar. Interessting point is, that “normally” the common dolphins are abundand in Madeiran waters rather during the colder months of the year. Thats why we call them also “our winter dolphins”. But this year, it was comletely different, the species was here all summer long. Besides the Atlantic spotted dolphins, the common dolphins are one of the two species of dolphins, with which snorkelling is offically allowed in Madeira. Our guests from the Ribeira Brava tour could see Bottlenose dolphins. They are resdident around Madeira all year long. Sometimes they can be shy and not so easy to approach.

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