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25.07.2017 – Whales ahead in the Blue Office

25.07.2017 – Whales ahead in the Blue Office

Are there whales in Madeira? This is a question we often hear. And yes, sure there are whales in the deep waters around Madeira. It is a high sea environment, thats their home. The whole year around there is a chance to see Spermwhales. In spring and autum, even big whales are passing near by. If you are really lucky, you can meet Blue- and/or Finnwhales.

Well, today we had Whales mainly in our beautiful shop, the Blue office. Ceramic artist Marion from (www.mari-made-it.com) delivered her new whale-collection for sale. The little handmade ceramic whales are bestsellers and belong since a long time to the basic selection of the Lobsonda shop. There are whales in all kind of variations and colours. Also whale flukes and mini-spermwhales as necklesses. Today those whales got even new company from another whale species. Beautiful and soft plushwhales. After a long migration from german waters, those plush-whales arrived now in their new home waters, in Madeira. Whalecome to Calheta.

So you wanna see whales? Well, then don’t wait too long and have a look in the shop. Otherwise the whale might be on their way again.

 by Astrid Haas

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava

09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins

13.30: Atlantic spotted dolphins and Loggerhead sea turtle

17.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins


15.30: Atlantic spotted dolphin

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