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25.07.2017 – Synchronous swimming

25.07.2017 – Synchronous swimming

A wonderful start in the Sunday morning had our guests on the Ribeira Brava trip. The sea was like a mirror and the “table was laid” meaning, that there were good feeding conditions. Only 20 minutes after leaving the marina out spotter led us to a chasing school of Common dolphins. They were rushing through the water and we saw many splashes and jumps. Also many Cory`s Shearwater birds were there, excited and also looking for prey. After a short while, some of the common dolphins came close to our boat. It seemed that the females wanted to tell us: look at our beautiful calves. The little ones were following their mothers like a shadow. Dolphin mothers and their young are a unity. This is demonstrated also for example in synchronic movements. Everything is coordinated, surfacing, diving, jumping and other behaviors.

Also our second species, Atlantic spotted dolphins which we found right afterwards, were active and feeding . And like the Common dolphins, also they also had calves. On the skin of some of the newborns, we could still see the stripes of birth.

by Astrid Haas   

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava

09.00: Common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins


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