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Tursiops truncatus

Ein Tag voller Unfällen: morgens von der Ribeira Brava sahen wir keine Tiere, später morgens mit der Stenella hatten wir jede Menge Fleckendelfine, die Mittagstour der Ribeira Brava sah Rundkopfdelfine und einen Hai und am spaeter Nachmittag sah der Ribeira Brava Blainville Schnabelwale und Tümmler.

Stenella frontalis

A day full of accidents: on the morning tour with Ribeira Brava no animals have been seen, the next tour with Stenella saw lots of atlantic spotted dolphins, the Ribeira Brava after midday  saw Risso’s dolphins and the last trip for the day was with Ribeira Brava and saw beaked whales and bottlenose dolphins.

Grampus griseus

Um dia cheio de accidentes: de manha na viagem com a Ribeira Brava não vimos animais, mais tarde com a Stenella tivemos muitos golfinhos pintados, a viagem das 13.30 com a Ribeira Brava viu grampos e um tubarão e a última viagem da Ribira Brava fui com balais debico Blainville a roazes.

Mesoplodon desirostis


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  1. bestofmadeira
    August 25, 2012

    Another great photo of Tursiops truncatus passing Paul do Mar fishing village off Madeira’s hottest and sunniest south west coast ..from the Sunny House Team Paul & Iva!


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