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Die Ribeira Brava ist vollgetankt und fuhr nachmittags schon wieder aus zum whalewatching. Gesehen wurde diese eine kleine, aber feine Schule von Fleckendelfinen.

Ribeira Brava had a trip, and before we had to go to Funchal to refuel, we saw a little, but fun, group of spotted dolphins.

Depois de ter ido abastecer ao Funchal o Ribeira Brava teve uma viagem e vimos um grupo pequeno mas muito “simpático” de golfinhos pintados.

2013-05-24-St.f. (2)

2013-05-24-St.f. (3)

2013-05-24-St.f. (1)

Stenella frontalis

Der Kapitän an Bord spricht mit dem Späher an Land

Skipper onboard is talking to Spotter on land

O skipper a bordo em contacto com o vigia em terra



Stenella frontalis

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