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24.09.2017 – Ocean as a stage

24.09.2017 – Ocean as a stage

This Sunday was offering us a lot, we had a great day at sea. At the early morning trip we enjoyed as the only boat around, touching moments besides a big school of resting Pilot whales, which had many calves with them. The Striped dolphin group which we followed afterwards, kept the distance and were always ahead of us. No wonder they were hunting and had to be fast in order to feed.

At the afternoon tour the spotter told us “Sperm whales ahead”. A message like this is music in our ears. Great! So we went to the place and found those big guys, relaxing at the surface, alternating in the waves. Eight to ten whales and maybe even more were assembled together. In the distance we saw a young whale jumping completely out of the water. What a demonstration of power, lifting several tons in the air.

As well the Bottlenose dolphins were in a good and even playfull mood, having some jumping artists in their school. One animal leaped several times, spinning around himself and splashing backwards on the surface. Other Bottlenose dolphins stretched themselves and remained vertically in the water. They lifted their heads high out in the air, in order to catch a panorama sight. Those contorted movements seemed quite funny and amusing – probably mostly for the animal himself.

by Astrid Haas 

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava

09.00: Pilotwhales and Striped dolphins

13.30: Spermwhales


15.30: Spermwhales, Pilotwhales and Bottlenose dolphins


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