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24.09.2016 – The heart – The marvel

24.09.2016 – The heart – The marvel
The heart is a marvel!
Our human heart is big as our fist and weights around 5g/kilogram body weight. Our heart pumps ca. 120 times per minute. Within a minute it transports the complete blood through the body. During the day 7000l are moved through the body.
The heart of a dolphin is a mammalian one with four chambers. The heart of an adult Bottlenose dolphin weights ca. 940,3gr. During the dive it pumps four to six times per minute, but on the water surface ten times faster. The heart of a Blue whale is as big as a VW- beetle and weights 2000kg.  Per minute it pumps 200l blood through the system but it pumps only 18-20 times per minute. The heart of a Sperwhale weights 125kg and during their deep dives it beats twice as slow.
But the heart is not only a mechanical instrument to serve our body. It is an organ reacting on emotions. If, like today, a group of Sperm whales are at hand near and one is breathless of sheer marvel or if dolphins, lots and lots of them are circling around the boat, the own heart reacts. If one is absorbed from this wonderful moment, the heart gets very light and loped. Sometimes the heart is jumping for joy, or the heart gets quit and very soft. We also perceive the world with our heart. Therefore enjoy the encounter with the ocean and its inhabitants with all your heart! In this sense: enjoy every single moment of your life!
by Fatima Kutzschbach
Sightings of the day
12.00: Sperm whales, Atlantic Spotted dolphins
15.30: Sperm whales, Atlantic Spotted dolphins
18.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Striped dolphins

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