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24.08.2016 – Big stage – Magic Moments

24.08.2016 – Big stage – Magic Moments

My colleague Fatima would call it like this: today we had Endolphine in our blood (neologism with Endolphine and Dolphins) and yeah, thats the best way to describe.

Great start in the morning with Roughtooth dolphins, which came close to our boats and kept on socialising. With their distinctive headshape, where a melon is missing (fatty tissue at the forehead), they are unmistakeable.  Their calves had fun and turned over and over at the surface, with obvious delight. Than we got another call from Carlos, our spotter, telling us that there were spermwhales ahead. The biggest ones of the suborder toothed whales. During the day, the number of different species climed up to six. The crowned success was reached in the evening tour of Stenella with five species in one trip. That was MAGIC on a big stage at sea.

 by Astrid Haas

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava:

09.00: Spermwhales and Roughtooth Dolphins

13.30: Common Dolphins

17.00: Common Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins


09.00: Spermwhales and Roughtooth Dolphins

15.30: Common Dolphins

18.00: Common Dolphins, Pilotwhales, Roughtooth Dolphins, Blainvilles Beaked Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins

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