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24.06.2016 – What you can do today…

24.06.2016 – What you can do today…

… never leave for tomorrow! In my case I didn’t write the blog in time and now let’s see what I can write about that day. It was a full day, a day with nice and unusual sightings like the Risso’s in the morning with animals appearing and being identified only in the camera (Fatima found out that they even saw a 5th species, because she could identify a Striped dolphin on her photos). A day with smiling clients which had close encounters while snorkeling with the Atlantic spotted dolphins. A day full of Pilot whales, majestic animals that glide so calm through the ocean but on the other side of Europe they are brutally killed. A day with nice clients from different countries, which all have one thing in common: all are Nature lovers.

by Claudia Gomes

Today’s sightings:

Ribeira Brava:

10.00: Pilot whales, Atlantic spotted dolphins, Striped dolphins, Riss0’s dolphins, Common dolphins

15.00: Pilot whales, Common dolphins


09.00: Snorkeling with Atlantic spotted dolphins

15.30: Pilot whales, Common dolphins, Atlantic Spotted dolphins


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