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24.02.2016 – MAGNIFIQUE

24.02.2016 – MAGNIFIQUE

Rare to have an encounter like the one we had today in the morning. 13 Sperm whales in a row, to observe from very close, without any sign of stress. The photos will talk by their own. In the afternoon it wasn’t possible to repeat these magical moments, because nature this is nature. We saw a pod of Common dolphins and missed another pod far out, in the area where we’ve been with the sperm whales in the morning. But we reached the harbour safe (insider information: read fault error between 90 and 40, the 50 made the difference).

by Claudia Gomes

Todays sightings:


10.00: Sperm whales, Common dolphins, Portuguese Man of War

15.00: Common dolphins, Flying fish

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