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23.11.2018 – Ribeira Brava or the discovery of slowness

23.11.2018 – Ribeira Brava or the discovery of slowness

The sea was gradually preparing for the next day’s wind, but it was still possible for us to go out. It took quite a while to reach our sighting because the Striped dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba) were far from the coast.On such days there is also plenty of time for conversation … today it became very interesting and this blog theme was inspired by it. Thanks, dear guests 🙂

Today was on the Ribeira Brava definitely a perfect day, just let the soul dangle! Our traditional fishing boat is traveling at a comfortable pace and therefore excellently suited to strip off hectic and stress. Just enjoyingthe way and not shootingat the target – deceleration, let oneself driftand slowly breathe, our Ribeira Brava is made for it. Maybe therefore she(yes boats are always you!) isso popular with many guests … and of course sheis beautiful too! What a luxury that our fishing boat is still offered for our guests, because every year there is a lot of work in it. But for those who like slow motion, you can relish iton this boat. Thanks to Rafael for making this effort over and over again.A little feedback for you Rafael, what we as crew often get aboard the Ribeira Brava, is the admiration for this beautiful, well-maintained boat; The gratitude of our guests, that they can enjoy the sea in a quiet time. Some of them come to us just because of the Ribeira Brava!!

If you are not in Madeira yet, and still have that desire to slow downtime, try a heathfuldeceleration! Conscious shopping of healthy food; cook with calm and awareness; walk instead of driving; read a good book; make it ring three times and breathe first, instead of jumping up when the phone rings …. pause to find out what really lies on your HEART … and then do it.

Here is a beautiful book tip: “The discovery of slowness” (by Sten Nadolny). Maybe a nice Christmas present and definitely an inspiration to get out of the fast-moving merry-go-round called civilization … something for the good intentions of the coming year 😉

By Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day

Ribeira Brava

10:00 Striped dolphins


10:00 Striped dolphins

15:00 no sighting

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