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23.11.2017 – Gap in the weather

23.11.2017 – Gap in the weather

With the last days being quite difficult to plan trips due to weather conditions, the booking department at Lobosonda have organized a morning trip. On board of the STENELLA, while we were contemplating the weather dynamics, skipper and spotter managed a way, between gusts of wind and rain, to position us with four different species of cetaceans. Weather dynamics like storms, currents, rain, moon fases, temperature and others, are vital for keeping the Ocean alive and healthy. We could say that it was a successful trip if we take into consideration all the variables that we cannot control.

 By Daniel Jardim

Sightings of the day


10:00 Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Tursiops Truncatus, Globicephala Macrorhynchus, Balaenoptera Edeni

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