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23.09.2017 – Special constellation of planets

23.09.2017 – Special constellation of planets

Everything is connected and we only see a tiny detail of a so much bigger picture. For that reason I would like to mention a different nature events, which shows up on the sky today. The star sign of virgin is in the middle of this spectacle. The moon to her feet and nine planets around her crown, such a constellation happens only every 6000-7000 years.  This can make you awestruck! I hope you are able to sneak a pick and enjoy it.

On our trip we had two Baleen whales (due of the shape of the dorsal fin it could have been Tropical whales) which due to the distance they kept, could not be identified for sure. It was a mother with her calf and she didn’t allow us to approach. We also saw two Loggerhead turtles, the masters of far travels, next to each other.

by Fatima Kutzschbach

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15.30: Baleen whales

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