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Tursiops truncatus

Sich steigernde Sichtungen heute auf der Tour: zuerst Tümmler, dann Pilotwale und dann mehr als 8 Pottwale (unsere ersten in 2012 und ich zeige hier eine Tauchsequenz von einer Mutter mit ihrem Kalb). Außerdem gab es portugisische Geleeren, eine falsche Karettschildkröte, Schwarzschnabel,- und Geldbschabelsturmtaucher und viele Medusen. 

Globicephala macrorhynchus / Jardim do Mar / Paul do Mar / Ponta do Pargo

Increasing sightings today on our trip: fist bottlenose dolphins, then pilot whales and later more than 8 sperm whales (our first once in 2012 and what I post here is the sequence of diving from a mother and her calf). As well we saw some Portuguese man of war, one Loggerhead turtle, Manx and Cory´s Shearwaters and lots of jelly fish. 

Physeter macrocephalus 

Avistamentos crescentes hoje na nossa viagem: primeiro roazes, depois bocas de panela e finalmente mais que 8 cachalotes (os primeiros para 2012 e mando aqui fotos duma sequência de mergulho duma mãe mais a sua cria). Também  vimos caravelas portuguesas, uma tartaruga boba, Cagarras, Patagarros e muitas alforrecas.

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  1. Marc Jongejan
    February 26, 2012

    We had a very nice tour and were lucky to see so much. The pictures are very nice!

    Thank you!

    Family Jongejan


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