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Grampus griseus

Schöne Sichtungen besonders am Morgen: die “Ribeira Brava” sah Tümmler, Fleckendelfine und Rundkopfdelfine, die “Stenella” sah Tümmler und Rundkopfdelfine. Am Nachmittag fuhr nur noch die “Ribeira Brava” und sah die gleiche Schule von Tümmlern. Es ist wohl eine residente Gruppe und besonders ein Tier fällt gleich auf wegen seiner besonderen Art zu schwimmen, immer sehr weit den Kopf und Körper in die Höhe steckend.

Stenella frontalis

Nice sightings today, especially  in the morning trips: “Ribeira Brava” saw, bottelnose dolphins, atlantic spotted dolphins and Risso’s dolphins, “Stenella” was with bottelnose dolphins and Risso’s dolphins. In the afternoon trip “Ribeira Brava” saw again the bottlenose dolphins. They are a resident pod and we know very well especially one animal, that has a very special way to swimm.

Tursiops truncatus

Avistamentos bonitos, em especial nas viagens da manha: O “Ribeira Brava” vi roazes, golfinhos pintados e grampos, o “Stenella” vi roazes e grampos. A tarde só o “Ribeira Brava” saiu e avistou os mesmos roazes, um grupo de residentes que já conhecemos. Um individuo deste grupo tem uma maneira muito especial de nadar.

Grampus griseus

Tursiops truncatus (copyright Fatima K. / Lobosonda)

Beide Boote heute…    Both boats today…    Ambas as embarcações hoje…


Ribeira Brava

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