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22.09.2015 – TINTUREIRAS

22.09.2015 – TINTUREIRAS

Claudia’s Impressions: Looking from land the sea seems quiet and calm, but we already feel that autumn is beginning. A big swell and the warm eastwind hinders our search for the marine mammals and therefore we are even more happy that all trips went well and had nice sightings. In the morning at the dolphin snorkel trip with Stenella, we found the ATLANTIC SPOTTED DOLPHINS and all guests came back enthusiastic and like on a cloud hovering. In the afternoon trips with both boats we encountered BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS. The resident animals showed up powerful heading constantly to the west. Meanwhile they made some brakes and came closer to the boat. We continued searching more far out and had a stop at a fisher boat with a das crew. On their kilometer long line they only caught one black scabbard fish. Around the boat two blue sharks feeding on the baitfish, the men throwed back into the ocean. My first blue sharks (tintureira in in Portuguese ), till now I’ve only seen hammer sharks.

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava:

13.30: Bottlenose dolphins


09.00 (Snorkelling with dolphins): Atlantik spotted dolphins

15.30: Bottlenose dolphins

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