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22.08.2017 – “Majestic Lady” Ribeira Brava

22.08.2017 – “Majestic Lady” Ribeira Brava

In the marina of Calheta you can find a colourful “exotic flower” between the white polyester boats. Built in 1964 in Machico for tuna- and scabbard fishing, “Majestic Lady” Ribeira Brava is a symbol of former traditional boat building in Madeira. Not many of those old “chavelha” boats are being conserved or even still on duty at sea. Since many years now, she is a great platform for Whale Watching activities. Due to her low boat deck, she allows the guest into an intensive and close experience observing marine mammals. Ribeira Brava is somehow the heart of Lobosonda. As our “flagship”, she can be recognised at sea from far away because of her typical shape.

Guests of both of our tours, enjoyed a wonderful start in the new day. Guided by Carlos (Spotter) they quickly found a big school of interactive Atlantic spotted dolphins. During the midday trip, Rissos dolphins travelled by and in the evening both boats found spermwhales. A perfect day on the ocean.

by Astrid Haas 

Sightings of the day:


09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins (Snorkeling trip)

12.00: Rissos dolphins

18.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins and Spermwhales

Ribeira Brava

09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins

17.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Spermwhales and sea turtle

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